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How To Grow Your Email List Fast

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Growing your email list is an essential part of your online business. The money is in the list, at least, that’s what they always say. People, including myself, neglect growing their list because we’re focused on getting traffic to our sites. But in order to have a thriving business you must grow your own email list. Having your own list allows you to basically print money at will, when offering goods and services.

Having an email list, is no different than having a direct to mail response list, that you mail through the Post office except, it’s electronic. If the the platforms that you engage in like Facebook, Insta gram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, and others go bust you still have a way to stay in touch with your subscribers. The money will always be in the list no matter how you look at it.

Check out this video by Neil Patel he gives a couple of excellent ways to grow your list.

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