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Invisible Capital: The Unforeseen Hand Shaping Entrepreneurial Success

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I was reading a book by author Chris Rabb called Invisible Capital. The book talks about how it’s not just your ability or skills to do certain things, but your connections or your relationships that help propel you to the next level entrepreneurial success. For example, Chris talks about how some kids will go to Capitol Hill as a summer intern. The kids whose parents don’t have the money to stay after the intern goes back to their perspective lifestyles not building any solid connections.

But, the kids whose parents have money to continue to pay for their child’s apartment, food, clothing, and internship will fare out much better when it comes time to get a paid position on the Capitol Hill. The students who were able to stay longer and build better relationships due to their parent’s invisible capital made a difference in their success.

There are unforeseen forces that help shape entrepreneurial opportunity and success. – Chris Rabb

Chris talks about what those  forces are that make this  amazing book. Chris Rabb details how skills and connections are only part of entrepreneurial success. You need five areas of Invisible Capital to see real success. Those four areas are economic capital, social capital, cultural capital, and human capital. 

This book is very explosive for entrepreneurs who want real success.

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