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Is Teen Pregnancy Down?

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Its the year 2021, teenagers are having more sex than you can shake a stick at. Are young girls having more sex with

protection or without protection ? I see more teenager pregnant today, then I have seen in the last ten years. Is the campaign to help young women have safe sex growing? I think not! I don’t hear any campaigns on radio, TV, in schools, or any non profits pushing the safe sex or abstinence campaign to young teens.

Have we forgotten about the young girls that are having babies at a young age? Where is the education to help these young kids remember to have sex or not have sex at all?

I really think Teenage Pregnancy will rise as the economy get’s worse. When there is a lack of education and too much time, then sex becomes an option for young people. You have to keep these youngsters busy working on something important, so they don’t have time, to think about SEX SEX and more SEX.

We have to teach young people how to have a passion for working, creating, and building something important, so they don’t get bored and just want to screw all day everyday!

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