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Is There a Millionaires Secret Formula?

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Is there a secret formula to being a millionaire?

I don’t think there is a secret formula to being a millionaire. I think many people just don’t pay attention to how most millionaires obtain their wealth. The real secret is in knowing how to grow and keep your money.

I have millionaire friends. They all say the same thing to a degree, your wealth is in the opportunities that you pursue. Some opportunities have large rewards while others not so much. People all across america want to be rich but lack some of the basic fundamentals needed to achieve large sums of money. We all have twenty four hours in a day but some people don’t use it wisely.

Things you could be doing to get rich

  1. Plan – Planning is important to the achievement of your success
  2. Consistency – Staying with the task or goal you set for yourself will determine where you end up
  3. Relationships – Having a social network helps in growing your riches you need a strong network
  4. Opportunities – Being plugged in to the right business opportunities and products can make all the difference
  5. Education – Continuously educating yourself about your industry and having the right skills  to do the job is important


These are just a few things to consider on your path to riches. Many people have not mastered these basic things, so its hard to go to phase two in becoming a millionaire, in my opinion.



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