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Is Warren Buffett Selling You Some Baloney?

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I keep hearing the stories of how one can turn $40 into millions from Warren Buffett. I have a real problem with this ideology because there are so many factors involved that are needed, to grow $40 into millions. The investing world may leave clues but those clues tend to leave you broke and bankrupt in the process. Simple investing strategies by some of our guru investors don’t always lead to wealth.

Warren Buffett is kinda America’s dad on investing. A lot of these misleading headlines coming from investors, will lead you to think, you can in an instant grow $40 into millions overnight.

In a recent podcast on Stevepomeranz show, Buffett gives some tips on how the investment game works and how to turn that forty dollars into millions. In reality, it’s not that easy for the common man. Maybe in the next life that $40 will turn into several million.

If you don’t have long-term patience, I think Warren could be misleading the masses, in my humble opinion. What are your thoughts?

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