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Jada’s Red Table Talk and The Mental Dysfunction of Black Relationships

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Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith had a interesting discussion on the Red Table talk show. Will and Jada discussed Jada’s entanglement or affair with August Alsina. The affair with August happened some time ago, but Jada and Will sat down for a candid discussions before millions of people about what she felt were her issues during that time period with August.

In this podcast, we discuss the mental dysfunction of Jada and Will’s Red Table talk discussion. And why black families continue to come out on the losing end after discussions like this. Cool Water breaks down why Jada and Will may have done more harm than good to the whole family structure of Black America after the Red Table Talk show.

Many people look to celebrities for guidance and think this is what a healthy relationship is in the black community.

Listen to “Jada’s Red Table Talk and The Mental Dysfunction of Black Relationships” on Spreaker.

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    Mary Blackmon Bradford says:

    I think that television (I’m going to tell you the vision I want you to have) is still pushing the Willie lynch syndrome on the black family and trying to continue to feminized the black man. Will and Jada are both paid to act and that’s what I took from their red table discussion and I agree with you that this will continue to add to the broken structure of the black family. Marriage is supposed to be a sacred and private union that should not be put on public display. Thanks so much for your continued efforts to help our people and others to stop sleeping so deeply.