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Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon Viacom and True History

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Nick Cannon recently had Professor Griff on the Cannon’s Class podcast. Griff and Nick had a deep discussion about Black America’s plight, Black History, and the people responsible for it. Nick Cannon made some strong commentary that leads to him being fired from Viacom. Nick Cannon is the host of several shows like Wild-N-Out and The Mask Singer. 

In this podcast, we talk about why Nick was fired, and what’s the reasoning for the other culture being upset with Nick’s comments. Cool Water gives a detailed explanation of why Nick was fired and why he will soon apologize. Nick Cannon bringing Professor Griff on the show, just let the corporate companies that Nick works for that he may be a problem in the future.  

Listen to “Nick Cannon Viacom and True History” on Spreaker.

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