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Old Dirty Bastard Will Release “Dirty Coin” Cryptocurrency

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Old Dirty Bastard along with many other hip hoppas are looking at the future of money. Old Dirty Bastard’s Estate is set to release their version of a cryptocurrency called Dirty Coin.

Hotnewhiphop reported that “The late Wu-Tang member Old Dirty Bastard has his son Young Dirty still keeping his name relevant by teaming with Link Media Partners to launch a new brand of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology-based products called Dirty Coin.”

Old Dirty bastard along with Wu-tang is still one of the worlds most iconic rap figures. The Old Dirty Bastard team, sees branching out into new investment opportunities, as a way that could prove to pay big for his estate. Old Dirty Bastard’s son must be in charge of the estate and believes that cryptocurrency is the wave of the future. Bitcoin is accepted by many online and offline retailers. And Young Dirty hopes that Dirty Coin will soon be among the elite alt coins on the market.

Investing in Blockchain technology is proving to be a serious investment for many entertainers. Old Dirty Bastard and the Wu-tang community are making waves with their Dirty Coin. Dirty Coin cost practically nothing to obtain. Young Dirty will use the alt coin to offer music, and merchandising to his fans in exchange to for use of the coin.

The future of money is Bitcoin and alternative coins. Old Dirty Bastard was a pioneer in music and hopefully he will be a pioneer in digital currency.



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  1. Excellent Idea…it’s great to see us embracing this new technology at the beginning. I hop more of our people in entertainment and sports start to see the potential in Blockchain technology.