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Popeyes Chicken Is Doing the Vodou On You

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Popeyes Chicken just released its new chicken sandwich, and all hell has broken loose. Just a few days ago, a man was murdered over his chicken sandwich in Maryland. Popeyes Chicken has managed to cast a spell over folks with this new chicken sandwich. Black folks seem to lose their mind every time a new product is released by a major brand.

Popeyes Chicken is competing for market share with other competitors like Chick Fil A. Why are people losing their minds over a piece of Chicken?

Listen to “Popeyes Chicken Is doing the Vodou on You” on Spreaker.

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  1. I’m publishing a video on this today. I don’t think it’s the chicken sandwich per say. It may be the culture of this fast food chain and its ratchet employees. It’s almost as if Popeye’s itself is cursed, so to speak.

    1. Popeyes is a food chain that concentrates on serving low income areas. You will never see Popeyes in well to do neighborhoods, that’s what Chick Fil A is for.

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