Super Models Who Run Big Businesses

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Tyra Banks and Bankable Productions are bringing in big money for the production company. Tyra started out as a supermodel and has transformed that into being a great business women. She is currently the host of Dancing with The Stars. She also was the host an executive producer for her show, America’s Next Top Model, for a number of years.

Tyra went back to school to expand her brand,  so she attended  Harvard School of Business, by taking up business courses. There’s no doubt that Tyra Banks has crossed the line from model to mogul.

Naomi Campbell is another super model who has been able to take for talents from the modeling world into the business world. Naomi has a line of clothes, lingerie, and perfumes that have helped her to grow her brand. Naomi has been in the modeling business for sometime. She has realized that she can’t just look beautiful, she must be smart too.

Many supermodels have taken their talents into the world of business and become very successful. So, if you are thinking about becoming a supermodel, then you may also want to consider going into business for yourself, so you will never go out of style!

Many models like Tyra, Naomi, and others have enlisted in business schools like Harvard to increase their skill set.  You running your own business and becoming a supermodel is no longer a option, it’s a must.


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