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treyvon martin

Trayvon Martin Justice or Just Us

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Many of you, I am sure have heard by now, the verdict handed down by the court system of not Guilty in the George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin case. A lot of Americans, mostly African Americans feel like George Zimmerman should of been convicted of murder. In Sanford Florida

the tensions amongst the races are running high due to the verdict of not guilty. Is the Black man in America still viewed as 3/5 of a human in Judicial system, and a black life not valued as valuable as a white life ? Was this case about Race or about Justice ? These and many other questions what many would like answered as a result of the verdict  passed down by the jury.

Have heard about the young black lady, Marissa Alexander, who got a twenty year sentence for standing her ground in her home as a way to protect herself from domestic violence ?  As a result, of her actions she got twenty years for shooting a gun inside her home. Is the Judicial System one sided? Does America only serve to protect folks other than black folks ?  Many questions will linger in the minds of African American  who want justice for Trayvon Martin. I challenge you to begin to understand law and what role it plays in your life.

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