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Archbishop Wilton Gregory

ArchBishop Wilton Gregory An Angel or A Devil

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ArchBishop Wilton Gregory has been hammered by the catholic community for building a two million dollar home for himself.  Mr. Gregory said, “that the money was left by Joseph Mitchell, nephew of Margaret Mitchell, author Gone With Wine, a Civil War epic that made the family wealthy.

ArchBishop Gregory felt as if he did the right thing, because the money was divided amongst the church as instructed along with leaving money for the parish.

The Roman Catholic Church had to convene to decide after all the commotion as to what would be done with the home of Mr. Gregory. Mr. Gregory’ said “I should of known better than to take the money and build himself a home.

“I really question all these concerns with Mr. Gregory, because the church knew about the money.  It wasn’t until the catholic community started bitching about him building a home for himself that all hell broke loose. I truly believe that if the shoe was on the other foot, and he would have been a white male, the uproar would not have gotten national media attention. Is Mr. Wilton Gregory a devil or an Angel for building himself a house  ?


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