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What Is Meetup.com?

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Meetup.com is a great place to meet people in your chosen field and build relationships. When you are looking to gain an edge on networking and leverage you can get it with Meetup.com. I am part of several groups from business, cooking, chess, drawing, video gamers to relationships groups.

Meet Up groups are growing across the country. This is the site you need to leverage you way in to some great relationships that may lead to a huge business deal or even meeting your soulmate.

Resources for Meetup Groups


How do I use Meetup.com?

Howdoi5.com Exclusive Video Tutorial – Meetup (or Meetup.com) is an online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world. Meetup allows members to find and join groups unified by a common inte…

How To Market Your Business Using Meetup.com

Source: OpenSourceMarketer.com During this week’s Open Source Marketer webinar we discuss how you can use Meetup.com to promote your business both online and in person. We discuss our experience with creating and managing a group and we’ll share tips..


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