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dumb rappers

Why Are Rappers Dumbing Down the Music?

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Why are dumb rappers on the loose and F%$King up the music? The hip hop community is suffering from the lack of quality material being placed in the market place. Record companies continue to hire less educated rappers who in turn give the people a sixth grade education in the musical content that is being put out in the public.

Dumb Rappers are posing a real problem in hip hop ! As corporations look to gain more and more control of the culture that we know as hip hop the quality of artist gets weaker and cheaper. I think 50 cent said it best “ain’t to many artist out there like me I am a dieing species.” Who is in the ear of these rappers telling him what to say, cause the six grade dancing songs are dumbing down America.

The Record labels are not showing any interest in putting out music that wakes up the people. It looks real bleak for the hip hop culture if you think we might get some of the classic stuff we heard in the 90’s and late 80’s.

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