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Social Media’s Impact On Urban Schools

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Social Media’s effect on urban schools is becoming a mainstream conversation. Recently, a few school districts decided to sue social media giant’s Google, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, and others for issues involving social media and student’s mental health.  Some students are believed to be having nervous breakdowns, eating disorders, and committing suicide as a result, of Social Media.

Social Media companies have been in the news a lot as a result of the negative effects of social media on students’ mental health. Many students like to keep up with the latest trends and fads in social media, it is causing them a lot of mental health issues. Teenagers are committing suicide, drug overdoses, crimes, prostitution, and being bullied as a result, of social media. The negative effects of social media are causing huge problems in the public school systems and particularly in urban public schools.

Social Media Is Creating Criminals In Urban Schools

In urban schools, black children are acting like complete idiots due to social media. Flashing money, wearing expensive clothes and shoes, stealing cars, doing dangerous stunts, and flexing the latest fashions, is making young black youth crazy as hell. Young chicks out here offering up coochie in exchange for money. And young dudes out here bolstering about the guns they own and the people they have shot, it’s pure madness.

Inner city schools are in a crisis due to platforms like Tik Tok, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Have you heard of the Kia Boyz? The Kia Boyz, are a group of young black teenage car thieves, who take the Kia Boyz challenge to steal Kia cars. They learn how to steal Kia cars from watching Tik Tok videos. Police have seen a rise in Kia cars being stolen since these videos emerged. This social media challenge has led to a lot of unsalvageable damage to people’s cars.

Kia Boyz Tik Tok challenge is just one example of how social media is affecting urban youth. These young criminals turn to social media to fetch the latest trends in criminal activity. Social Media is like a gateway drug for the youth to get high on. Social approval is a big thing among their classmates and peers. Black youth’s need for validation and approval is big in Urban Schools. Hence, the reason why you see the Kia Boyz Tik Tok Challenge catching steam in our community, as thefts continue to rise.

Parents and Their Feelings

Black Parents are upset with seeing a large number of fights in the school. Students being body slammed, teachers getting assaulted, and school property being burned or torn down, is a major concern for parents. Black parents see social media as a threat to their child’s mental health and social development. In a predominately white school district, the Spence family has waged an all-out war on social media giant Meta.

The Spence family is suing social media giant Meta. Kathleen and Jeff Spence say Instagram led their daughter Alexis into depression and to an eating disorder at the age of 12. –

60 minutes

Parents are finding that kids as young as eleven are getting on Social Media and experiencing mental health issues. They’re seeing things from sex to drug use, prostitution, and alcohol abuse by their peers. This is causing young people to become depressed trying to keep up with the Jones. The negative effects of social media are causing most parents to fear for their children’s safety. As a result, a lot schools are not equipped to handle mental health issues due to social media.

How does Social Media affect mental health?  By exposing students to certain standards in health and beauty that they can’t escape from. These standards are causing students to become anorexic; Low self-esteem coupled with peer pressure has young people losing their minds.

Parents are trying to monitor their child’s social media use by limiting the amount of time online. Some apps regulate how much time kids spend on a certain platform. But these kids are savvy and have figured out ways around those barriers.

Extreme Disrespect Towards Teachers and Adults

I saw one video on Instagram where a young black female student rose up at her female teacher. She taunted her and called her a bitch. Eventually, the teacher had no choice but to defend herself from the student’s outright physical aggression and verbal abuse. These negative effects of social media on black children are a national health crisis for sure. Black children are becoming more emboldened towards their superiors in school and out. By seeing other students on social media jump bad, and attack their teachers, they’re becoming more confident in their disrespect.

Black youth are losing respect for our elders, parents, and teachers in the community. There is no moral code of conduct that these young people adhere to. Students of all ages are lashing out at their school administrators, counselors, teachers, and bus drivers for no real reason at all. There have been more fights between teachers and students shown on social media that it’s crazy. Students of all ages are bucking up to their teachers for being the disciplinarian figure inside the classroom and the adults are tired of it.

Bus drivers are complaining about the level of disrespect towards them, as well. A lot of bus drivers can’t focus on the road to deliver students safely due to behavior issues. There is constant fighting, cursing, and behavior issues on the bus to and from school. School bus drivers, oftentimes, have to stop the bus and get the school resource officers on the bus to maintain law and order. Social Media’s negative effects play a huge role in how students act on the bus. Students seeing other kids around the country throwing items and acting aggressively toward the driver is fueled by Social Media.


Social Media’s impact on urban schools is serious. Students follow trends and fads. Social Media being the trend of the century has youngsters following monkey do monkey see shit. killings, robberies, stunts, and plain old stupidity is what is leading black students to a path of hell. No one has really examined the impact that Social Media has on our children’s mental health. The peer pressure can be overwhelming for some of our youth to bear.

Mental health issues stem from all kinds of external factors. These mega-media social platforms may have to take a step back to learn how to help fix a lot of the issues our youth are experiencing. Suing Meta, Youtube, Snapchat, Tiktok, and others may be the first step in getting the ball rolling to fix a problem that we all suffer from in reality.


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