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Hip hop music

Intellectual Property Rights Through Copyrights And Trademarks


In the music industry, Copyrights and Trademarks are crucial elements that should always be noticed and addressed. For hip hop artists who are busy creating music and promoting their work, it’s easy to get caught up in the creative process and overlook the importance of Copyright. However, having a Copyright is just as important as […]

Apple Music 1 John Legend and Life Lessons In 2020

The Dotty Show EP17

John Legend recently appeared on Apple Music 1’s The Dotty Show. In this episode, John and Dotty take on the selections segment, where he chooses songs to soundtrack a series of scenarios. He has always written the soundtrack to our lives, so this should be easy for John. As the interview progresses, they also discussed […]

Best and Worst of Hip Hop Marketing

chuck D

Marketing hip hop music is a bit strange, because people have so many taste when it comes to hip hop music. What niche does the artist fall in, is he or she a gangsta rapper, consciousness rapper, revolutionary, flashy fly rapper, or just plain crazy. We have seen so many artist come through who have […]