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White Professor Resigns After Faking Mexican Heritage

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Kelly Kean Sharp, a university professor, resigned after faking her Mexican Heritage.

Sharp got exposed in an anonymous letter on Medium. The letter accused Kelly of lying about being a Chicana.  The anonymous person behind the post said ” I have known Kelly from a distance for some time, and her parents or grandparents are not of Mexican descent.”

Kelly Sharp’s genealogical records don’t show any bloodlines of Mexican descent. Since her resignation, she has deleted her twitter account. Kelly Sharp was the assistant professor of African American Studies at Furman University.
The university said in a statement “that we are disappointed to have learned of these allegations. We expect members of our community to be honest in the way they represent themselves to others.” – New York Post

She Is Not The First To Culture Appropriate

Kelly Kean Sharp is not the first person to appropriate someone’s culture at a university or teach the subject. Kelly Kean Sharp and other professors have been hired and then resigned for cultural appropriation. What is it about being black or of African descent that makes people want to be us, but yet, not take on the pain we’ve gone through?  You can look at any industry from education, music, sports, film, inventions, patents and see cultural appropriation.

Identity Theft Is A Real Thing Across The Globe

Identity theft is a real thing across the globe. There are so many people pretending to be of African descent, without chastisement or any repercussions. Kelly Kean Sharp is the type of person who will probably just evolve and end up working for another university, teaching the same subject.
People of African descent are also at fault. Many black folks don’t know their own culture to root out the thieves and liars among us.


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