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A Woman and Her Shoes

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A high-heeled ladies shoe.
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Women and them dam shoes! I have dated women who have a ton of shoes, which was crazy to me, but that was the fetish they had. What is it about a woman and her shoes? Does a pair of shoes make a woman, the same way you judge a man by the shoes on his feet?

Women buy shoes as a replications of their character. Women love to buy shoes, plan and simple. I think a pair of shoes can tell you a lot about a woman. Business women like a certain styles of shoes. The style of shoes that professional women wear, definitely shows how they feel about their professional careers. Athletic women love athletic shoes, because that shows their sporty side, love for exercise, and the outdoors.

Next time you meet a woman, look at her feet and I bet you can get a good indication about her personality, just by looking at the shoes she wears. A woman’s shoes are the backbone and essence of who she is as a person.

The essential high heel of the season, the lov...
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Salvatore Ferragamo women’s shoes

The use of original materials was a hallmark for Ferragamo, whose answer to the wartime shortage of hides was to introduce materials never-before used for fashion footwear, such as cork and cellophane. Nowadays there are constantly evolving technology…


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