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Another Rapper Shot Dead In The Street

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Rappers have been dropping dead like flies. One rapper after another has been killed and shot dead. Why? Why are musicians, also known as Rappers, being shot? This question comes from many angles and is yet to be examined entirely. Rappers are involved in a lot of beef if they are successful in one way or another. And with success comes hate, envy, and jealousy.

The Music Business Is Full of Haters

If you are shining in any way, you will have haters in the music business. The music business is a dirty business of thieves, drug dealers, gang bangers, cut-throats, con artists, and shady businessmen. When you have this much negativity in an industry worth billions, it’s a recipe for disaster. Rappers being shot has been going on since the 2pac era. Pac got shot, Biggie killed, Big L, and Freaky Tah. The mantra of shooting a famous rapper to get a rep is still prevalent today.

Too Short said on Club Sha Sha “Tthat most of these beefs could of been resolved with just a simple phone call.”

In the past three years, we’ve lost so many rappers like Pop Smoke, Nipsey Hustle, Bankroll Fresh, XXXtentacion, and Young Dolph, who were gunned down over some form of beef. Rappers being shot dead in the street has become commonplace nowadays. Rappers are being attacked for so many different reasons. But if I had to put money on it, getting a reputation is at the top of the list. Shooting a rapper in the streets brings clout, but it also puts a bounty on your head. If somebody like Young Dolph had allies, which he did, the shooter better run for his life because he will be shot down in the streets, too. And if I’m not mistaken somebody killed Young Dolph’s killer. Damn!!

Social Media Sparks Beefs Too

Social Media is fueling a lot of beefs. Rappers and labels use clickbait and other tactics to get popular with their music. As a result, it sparks unnecessary beefs due to people lying and telling stories about things that weren’t true. When word of mouth travels, both crews are ready to fight or even kill one another over something they heard. I get the whole concept that drama sells records, but drama also takes lives, and if one isn’t careful, he will be shot dead in the streets.

Social Media just helps to fuel already growing tension between some rappers. Many rappers’ beef starts over the internet, and before you know it, somebody is dead. Young Dolph, Pop Smoke, King Von, and a host of others were shot over some sort of beef.


The music industry is a dangerous industry to be in when you are talking about billions of dollars on the table. Rappers have been dying since the eighties and will continue to die until somebody teaches these dudes about unity, love, and peace. Hopefully, someone will reach these young men and women to see a better way of resolving their problems than shooting each other dead in the street.


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