Are Black Women to Lazy to Exercise?

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Are Black Women to lazy as hell when it comes to exercising? I haven’t seen many women of color heading to the gym in droves to hit the treadmill. Do Black Women even like to exercise? I started a group called Universal Souls Health and Fitness to help push the fitness narrative. The group focuses on sharing quality information to help one achieve their health goals. It has been a huge success, thus far. Black Women’s health is just too important to take for granted.

Are Black Women Getting Lazy? 

I want to believe that their are more Black Women working out more than ever before. But as a community, it seems,

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that they are not getting their lazy asses up off the couch. Just growing fatter! Obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure is running rampid in the black community. I have several female friends who have gained large amounts of weight, but refuse to go to the gym and workout. And as a result, they have high blood pressure and diabetes. Some Black Women may be too depressed or just lazy to workout, I get it, but your health is at risk by not taking care of it. A lot of women cry and complain about losing weight but don’t want to do the work necessary to make that happen. This leads to a lot of regrets and blame towards other people. 

It’s kind of hard to watch some of these sistas one minute have full control and then the next, lose it. A lot of people get on programs like Weight Watchers, GOLO.com, Nutrisystem, Keto, and others, to only fail miserably. Most of these programs work well, if you work it, but most people give up before they see results. What’s driving the laziness in our community that even obese men won’t put in the necessary work to be healthy? 

Working out has to become a lifestyle 

Sometimes, I think Black women like to eat more than exercise, what do you think? Working out needs to become a

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lifestyle and a priority in the black community. Black Women’s health is in a major crisis. If you grew up seeing your mother and father working out, you were more likely to exercise when you got older. Many of us didn’t grow up around healthy parents. My mother and other people’s mothers took on the bipolar complex in their later years due to their poor health.

I could be wrong, but hey, this a blog post, and I am just voicing my opinion. I think Black Women can make a huge impact on their health if they want too. They can reduce a lot of their health issues by…….

  1. working out thirty minutes a day
  2. reducing and cutting the red meats out
  3. stop eating processed food
  4. reduce the sugar intake
  5. Drink lots of water


I want to know what you think please comment


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