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Trump Cartoon

Donald Trump The New Face Of Terror

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Donald Trump has been showing his ass for the pass few weeks. Is Donald Trump turning into the new face of American terrorism, the new Adolf Hitler  ? The rhetoric that the Donald is spewing is really turning folks into a bunch of angry Americans. Trump has managed to attack every racial, political, spiritual, and religious group to no avail.  Donald Trump believes the illegal immigrants need a wall to separate the US from Mexico, and black folks should go back to Africa.

Is Donald Trump creating a new form of terrorism in America ? Are people of all races in jeopardy of  some type of racist act ? Who are the people that want to make America great again and what does that really mean ? Donald as of late, has been heard saying he really doesn’t know much about the KKK (Klu Klux Klan ) after front man David Duke a Klan’s leader said “he was backing Trump.” Klu Klux Klan was an early American terrorist group toward African American in this country. Trump has proven that his views are not align with the American culture, and that he just may be anti American.


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