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Is Facial Recognition a Problem for Black Folks?

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Is facial recognition a problem for black folks? As the future unfolds, so does technology and facial recognition, which

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is proving to be a problem for darker skinned people. Facial recognition problems are showing up in eastern countries. Countries like China have become the leader in facial Recognition. But there’s one issue the darker you are the harder it is for the technology to recognize in the database.

Its A Topic of Discussion

Facial recognition problems have been a topic of discussion for some time. The Problems with facial recognition technology is it can’t tell one black person from the next. The misconception that all black folks look  alike is exactly how the technology views us. Shows like 60 minutes have explored this topic in great detail and found the flaws in facial recognition technology. 

Many African Americans can not be actually identified with facial technology. In the magazine Fast Company, it stated, Researchers at Georgetown Law School’s Center of Privacy and Technology dropped their sprawling report,

“The Perpetual Line-Up”— that many of us realized just how biased and far-reaching the implementation of the technology is.

Problems have always been around

Facial recognition problems have been around for years, but it is showing up more and more in today’s technological society. And out of the millions of photos of many law abiding citizens, who never had any real problems with the law enforcement, they have found that this technology has a hard time recognizing African Americans and women. The technology does not test for biases. Human Rights and Civil Rights investigations have been launched into the problem dealing with facial recognition.

The legal system is quick to already label Black folks as criminals, and facial recognition is just another nail in that coffin. Facial recognition problems will only get worst for black folks in the future. Technology is not in favor of black men and black women.

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