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Trump Raffensperger

Trump and Secretary of State Arguing Over the Votes

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Trump had a heated phone call this pass weekend with secretary of state Brad Raffensperger.  President Trump has been arguing that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen from him. This past Saturday, in a recorded phone call, Donald Trump urged Raffensperger to overturn the election. Trump has been claiming that the he won the state of Georgia. He told Raffensperger that “he only needs to find 11,780 votes to win Georgia.”

Brad Raffensperger claimed to already have certified the election. Trump refused to believe that and still argued he just need 11,780 votes to win Georgia. Trump, also told Raffensperger, “What your doing is criminal and could lead to prosecution.” Biden was certified by the electoral college as our 46th president. Many people have questioned the election, and how Donald Trump, could have loss when Joe Biden barley campaigned at all.

After the call, Trump to his frustrations to twitter to call out his fellow republican . Brad fired back by saying “we already certified the votes.”

Trump has one more attempt to win back the white house on January 6 or the fat lady sings.



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