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Is Weed Skunk Or Dro Your Best Friend

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The old aged question that has been on the coffee table for some time  now is should Dro, Weed, Skunk a.k.a Marijuana

be made legal ? The medical community has argued that marijuana has dismal purposes that can help cancer patients, glaucoma patients, and other medically purposes, but the opposing forces may disagree. The folks in the hood just like smoking it for the sheer pleasure of having it as a luxury around the house. What is it about marijuana that makes people feel the need to have it close by?

Should Marijuana be made legal and what is it about Marijuana that makes it illegal ? The Music Industry has been a big participant in using the drug as a recreational drug.The folks in the hip hop community have been booked by police,  and for using the illegal drugs more than any other artist in any other genre of music.

Is Weed, Skunk, or Dro your best friend ? Well, only time will tell when congress, and those in charge allow for the plant to be made a part of one’s daily usage.


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What do you think? Should Marijuana be legalized or not? [Project Survey]

serious answers ONLY.

Should Marijuana Use Be Legal?

October 18, 2011 MSNBC

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