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troy davis

Troy Davis was Hip Hop

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What up Kin folk,

I thought the title to this blog post would be appropriate, because this is a hip hip blog and we all know that hip hop is the voice of the voiceless or at least it used to be. Well I’m sure by now you know Troy Davis was executed for reasons we won’t get into here you can read my other blog http://socialsundayz.com for the real info. on that.

I wanted to speak really brief about why I thought Troy Davis was hip hop. Hip hop was a medium where people defied the odds and went against the machine. Troy went against the machine called the Justice System in his own kind of way and really stood his ground on his innocence. He brought attention to a problem in America and that is the unjust getting accused of crimes in America they didn’t commit. Troy is hip hop, because he went out on his own terms by speaking truth to power, and letting the whole world know about his unjust situation in the prison system.

Thank You Troy for being a man even when the odds where stacked against and standing for justice !



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