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Ice Cube Vh1 Special

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I recently watched a VH1 special about Ice Cube life as a hip hopper. Vh1 put together a really good story about O’shea Jackson better know as Ice Cube. The story talked about L.A. during the time gangsta rap was at its height, and what the energy of the city was really going through. N.W.A  was a group that pushed the boundaries that brought hip hop to what it is today.

The story really showed a different side of the rapper wit his wife Kim Jackson and his children. Ice cube is one of the pioneers of the rap game, and many artist don’t even know that most of their style comes from the group N.W. A.  Cube showed us that music industry is really only a business and that’s it. The Vh1 is a good l00k for hip hoppers who want to learn the real side of the business of music. I recommend you watch the special it will open your eyes to how to really play this game called music business.


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