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Jermaine Dupr

Jermaine Dupri Tougher Policing and Black Violence

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Jermaine Dupri recently took to twitter to express his disgust after a seven year old was shot in the head. Kennedy Maxie was shot in the back of the head, while sitting in the car, with her mother an aunt. Jermaine Dupri’s outrage comes after more than three children have already been shot in Atlanta. Lately, children have been getting shot in drive by shootings, for no apparent reason. No one knows the real reason for children being shot, but Jermaine is feed up.

Black on Black Violence has always been an issue in the black community, no one wants to address it. People in the community have organized against racism, socialism, classism, but they never organize against black violence. The  marching, praying, and activism has fallen short, when it comes to our youth being killed. 11 year old Tyrell Sims and 8 year old Secoriea Turner were both shot unexpectedly, for no reason. Children being shot in the Atlanta area is growing.

Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant has issued a $15,000 reward leading to any information. Jermaine Dupri called on the Atlanta Police to do more. He also made a statement on twitter about the violence ….

Black communities all across america have been experiencing higher crime rates and deaths. The pandemic is causing people to act in a negative way. Chicago is still one of the deadliest cities in america. They have had more murders than any major urban city. Black youth are being killed at an alarming rate. Atlanta ‘s black on black violence is growing, as well. Gun violence is just one piece of the puzzle when you talk about why these kids are being shot.


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