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Is Jesse Williams The New Face of Black America

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The Bet Awards was thrilling an exciting because Jesse Williams was the topic. I was receiving texts and phone calls last night about the Bet Awards. The main table talk discussion was about Jesse Williams, ” The Greys Anatomy star ,” gave black folks the what for when it came to how we as a people act in black society.

Many may not know Jessie Williams is a Biracial African American male whose mother is white and father is black. Jesse seems to be the only cat who is not afraid to use his celebrity status to speak to the issues that effect Black America. At a time when most folks are crying for civil rights and gay rights.   Jesse has hit a nerve that many have been crying for someone to hear for sometime. Is Jesse Williams the new face of Black Americas four hundred year old problem called racism ? Now many will insult and dispute Jesse’s stance, because he is a mixed raced black man with blue eyes, light skinned skin tone, and white privileged. But, the question is is Jesse less black, because he comes from a mixed family back ground, or is he the perfect face to tell black folks and white folks when to go to hell and come back ?

The speech has been broadcast all over the world. Black folks are feeling some level of excitement, because one of our own has spoken out about why Black lives do matter. Jesse was at the Bet Awards to receive the Humanitarian Award for his efforts outside the Hollywood community.

The African American community has been longing for a real leader that young people can take hold to that understands their plight. Is Jesse the new face of Black America who is not afraid to stand up for equal rights and the American civil liberties ?


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  1. This is a great article. Loved it. Interesting how they may say something about him being Bi-racial and privileged but they don’t say the same about a President they elected.

  2. I have been praying for someone to come forward and lead a global Civil Rights Movement-2 to finish what my generation began with the Rosa Parks Bus Boycott and the Civil Rights Movement. It is time.

  3. There is no “face of Black America”. There are 39 Million Black people in America. He is a great voice of many. Small and large voices should rally behind the message and momentum that has been building and work together.

  4. I loved his statement, and I know he’s been on the ball for a minute now. I don’t see why Black America needs one or two “faces”. Heard somebody make a good point: White society has 10,000 experts on every subject & topic there is, and they should. Why are limited to one or two leaders, for the whole diaspora? By far not a fan of Jesse Jackson, but he did give a speech called Black Monolith saying how the dominant society thinks we as Black ppl all think the same thing about every topic, which is absolutely ridiculous. Williams gave a very profound speech, but he should be one of many…we’re not gonna get that platform in dominant society; they are uncomfortable with us speaking on the truth of our situation in a calm manner. Even when you reach the top of the pyramid, it’s still not good enough for you to be able to stop arguing about simple minded topics. so Dwon Coolwater Alexander I appreciate what you’re doing in building an alternative platform so there can be 10,000 Jesse Williams’

  5. So now can we stop with the allegations of self hate, hating one’s own mother and being color struck when black men produce these biracial cultural warriors with white women?