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Police Shoot man

Phoenix Police Shoots Armed Man Holding His Baby

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Phoenix Police shot an armed man who took his baby hostage after an argument with the mother. Camera footage on Jan 9, revealed that 37 year old Paul Bolden, was in the street fighting with his girl friend, Priscilla Chavez. Priscilla, the mother of one year old Casino, was fighting him off. The motel manager calls police. He reports the man fighting with his girlfriend.

Paul snatches the baby and runs off into the street. He eventually is cornered by Phoenix Police. Paul, with a gun in one hand and the baby in the other, fired off a round. Police had to act fast in neutralizing the situation. Paul is seen pointing the gun at the baby and innocent by standers. “No time for negotiations, one officer said.”

The situation escalated when Police asked Paul to drop his weapon. Paul refused and an officer fired a shot striking him in the head. The shot proved to be fatal, Paul Bolden, later died at the hospital.


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  1. Wow. Mental health ain’t no joke. Something was obviously wrong with this man. Believe what you see when people show you who they really are.