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Price Points Theory

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Many folks who sell items online and offline have a theory about what sells and doesn’t sell. I’ve heard stories that

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the cheaper the price is, the less you will make, because folks who are looking for low prices aren’t about spending money. Price Point Theories are somewhat crazy when you are trying to sell products to consumers.

World renowned marketing guru Dan Kennedy says raise your price on your products to attract a particular type of customer. For example, if you got a product that’s worth $197.00 dollars and you are only charging $25.00, folks will think that it’s not worth buying because it appears to be too cheap. So, the higher the price, the more value that the consumer feels that product has. Don’t look for the tire kickers when pricing products. Higher price items get bought more often than cheaper price items, so don’t be scared to raise the price on what you know that has value.


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