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Rape & Hip Hop: Common Denominators Between Tupac and R Kelly

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Tupac and R Kelly: The Best of Both Worlds?

R Kelly has made claims in the past that his The Best of Both Worlds collaboration was actually the brilliant idea of Tupac Shakur. The Pied Piper insists Pac was the original choice. Tupac and R Kelly had plans to make music together.

But, after the Makaveli rapper was murdered in Las Vegas in 1996, Jay Z took his place.

There’s no doubt such a musical collaboration would have been one of the biggest successes in Hip Hop history. But it’s the other key factor that truly ties Tupac and R Kelly together that no fan wants to talk about… Sexual assault AKA rape!

Tupac Goes to Prison for Rape in 1995

As true Tupac fans, no one likes to talk about the fact that the man born as Lesane Parish Crooks was literally CONVICTED of first degree sexual abuse… essentially RAPE in legal terms.

It was this conviction that had Pac sitting in a prison at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY begging Suge Knight to get him out. Shakur had been sentenced to 1 1/2 to 4 1/2 years in prison in February 1995.

Because justice for the rich works differently for the poor in America, Tupac was offered the opportunity to bail out after his conviction and remain on the outside during his appeal process. He was determined to beat the case even after the guilty conviction.

Tupac couldn’t bail himself out because the man who had made MILLIONS for Interscope records, was essentially broke by then. The megastar rapper had been sued multiple times over the years. And the cost of fighting this case before and during the trial didn’t help his pockets either.

Eventually, word got out to the Devil in a Red Suit (What Dazz Dillinger called Knight in Who Killed Tupac? documentary) that Tupac needed financial help. And he came to the rescue.

Pac was known to whip out his penis, so his then-girlfriend snapped a pic of it at a party. She later auctioned it off.
Pac was known to whip out his penis, so his then-girlfriend snapped a pic of it at a party. She later auctioned it off. Image Source: TMZ

Video: Devil in a Red Suit – The Real Suge Knight Part 1

Check out the video below where NUMEROUS artists talk about their fear of and disdain for Suge Knight AND Death Row Records.

He was famous for using the allure of Compton gang life to reel in artists like Pac, The Dogg Pound, Michel’le (who he later had a baby with and coaxed into what turned out to be a FAKE marriage) and others who never saw the lights of fame.

According to many who worked under the Death Row label, Knight ruled with fear and intimidation. He reportedly threatened and bullied artists like Easy E and Vanilla Ice, even holding people hostage to get them to sign docs giving him full control over certain artists.

Suge Knight Gets Tupac Out of Prison at a Hefty Price

Note that Suge didn’t actually have $1.4 million in cash for Pac’s bail. Instead, he “secured” the bail using the funds of others.

Yet, according to Hip Hop legend, Tupac Shakur signed with Knight’s Death Row Records label on a napkin right there during the prison visit. Suge bailed him out and the star was soon on a flight to LAX after serving just nine months of his prison sentence.

This contract came with a steep cost. 2Pac had to transform from the Oakland-style rapper with a keen sense of self into a gangbanging thug claiming to be from Compton MOB Pirus.

Which, in turn, put him in the mess created long before his courting in days between the MOB and the South Side Compton Crips, which may have led him to his untimely death.

Who Killed Tupac Shakur?

This is the story according to SSCC’s Keefy D, who claims his nephew Orlando Anderson AKA Baby Lane actually shot Tupac after the now-famous Las Vegas casino gang stomping.

But leave no doubt in your mind, Tupac was most definitely convicted of rape.

No one can say for sure whether Pac would have won his appeal. But the details of the case are so horrendous, that the judge called it:

…an act of brutal violence against a helpless woman.

Yet, we hail the rapper known as 2Pac as one of the greatest Hip Hop artists to ever grace this planet.

Today, Marion Hugh Knight AKA Suge, who’s also known to abuse women, is CDCR inmate #BH6458. He currently calls RJ Donovan Correctional Facility home, his first stop on his 28-year prison sentence.

Check him out laying with this man in bed. Recently published images suggest Pac may have actually been gay or bisexual, which may explain the misogyny.
Check him out laying with this man in bed. Recently published images suggest Pac may have actually been gay or bisexual, which may explain the misogyny.

R Kelly & The Infamous Pee Tape

No one who saw the infamous R Kelly pee tape, not even the members of the jury, had any doubt that it was the singer on the video. When interviewed, jurors who served during his trial for sexually assaulting a minor said their reasons for finding him not guilty were complicated.

For one, the jury was ready to go home. The judge wouldn’t have it. He wanted a decision before the weekend.

Two, the victim refused to testify. As we all know by now, both the teen and her parents always denied that it was her in the video. So, it was a bit hard for the jury to rule in her favor when she wouldn’t even admit anything happened.

It just made the situation too complicated to find R Kelly guilty.

There have been MULTIPLE sexual assault claims against R Kelly over the years.
There have been MULTIPLE sexual assault claims against R Kelly over the years. Image Source: Village Voice

R Kelly Acquitted of Sex Crimes Against a Minor

Back in 2015, R Kelly performed on the Soul Train Awards and the internet went crazy. People took to social media to call Kells a pedophile and a rapist. Yet, his fans held strong and never wavered with their loyalty.

Fast forward to 2019, and things are pretty much the same. Thousands of people tuned in to watch the 6-part series Surviving R Kelly, and social media went wild again. Anti-Kellyans ranted with disgust, while fans stuck to their die-hard guns.

The fact is, in spite of what each individual believes in regard to the man who named himself after a nursery rhyme character who uses music to lure kids to follow him, so he can steal them from their parents, Kelly was found NOT guilty.

Born Robert Sylvester Kelly, the singer was charged with 21 counts of child pornography in 2002. Much like Tupac Shakur, his abundance of money allowed him to let the case linger on into 2008, when he was actually acquitted.

According to the Surviving R Kelly documentary, it’s because of this six year span that the DA actually didn’t want the victim to testify. By this time, she was in her 20s. A woman of age denying its her in the video would only jeopardize the case.

R Kelly & Lady Gaga have virtual sex on stage while promoting their collaboration 'Do What You Want' on SNL
R Kelly & Lady Gaga have virtual sex on stage while promoting their collaboration ‘Do What You Want’ on SNL. Image Source: Hard 2 Knock Shop

Fans Love Music… Sexual Assault? Not So Much

So, why are we so quick to take up for the men of music who cause women harm? What is it about the skills of these talented men that cause us to bump to their misogynistic lyrics knowing what they stand for overall?

Both Tupac and R Kelly have given us tunes filled with love and positivity, yet they both also spew out lyrics that are disrespectful to women.

We support Brenda having a baby by a grown man or the idea of loving your mother no matter how much crack she smokes. Our minds become nostalgic as we groove to the steps of love or take on the world trying to fly.

However, the next thing we know, we’re fans listening to the chauvinistic lyrics about women getting tossed up, such as:

Lord have mercy, father help us all
Since you supplied yo’ phone number, I can’t help but call
Time for action, conversatin, we relaxin’, kickin’ back
Got you curious for Thug Passion, now picture that
Tongue kissin’, hand full of hair, look in my eyes
Time to make the bed rock, baby look how it rise
Me and you movin in the nude, do it in the living room
Sweatin’ up the sheets, it’s the Thug in me

For the record, it’s this line that made people question the validity of the victim’s story:

Tongue kissin’, hand full of hair, look in my eyes

According to Ayanna Jackson, that’s exactly how her sexual assault and gang rape began in 1993. She said in an interview that Pac apologized to her tearfully in court, but never admitted to an actual crime.

Ayanna Jackson Hanging with Tupac and Crew Before the Gang Rape Went Down.
Ayanna Jackson Hanging with Tupac and Crew Before the Gang Rape Went Down. Image Source: 2Pac Legacy

Tupac’s Tearful Court Apology

Basically, it seems, that he was apologizing for what his crew members did during the gang rape portion of the assault. But the evidence shows that he was responsible for letting the men come into the room and take turns penetrating her mouth and vagina against her will.

And let’s not even get into the pornographic lyrics of the Chocolate Factory creator. From him not seeing nothing wrong with bumping and grinding to him being trapped in a dark closet to him trying to convince us that age is nothing but a number, we question him, but still let him slide.

It seems everyone is against rape. But the chosen few find ways to condone the actions of these stars, simply because they love their music so much.

The Misogynistic Lyrics of the Artists We Love

The bottom line is, many of these songs represent these artists’ willingness to sexualize the Black woman’s body. As Makaveli, Pac often spoke about the power of the Illuminati. Songs like these seem to be pledges to the Illuminati powers that be.

And when it comes to the Illuminati, it’s all about money and power. He who controls the dollars controls the music. Even though Tupac and R Kelly seemed to be about that life, no one shut them down simply because they were true hit-creating money makers.

Who cares about ethics when you’re too rich and powerful to be touched?

R Kelly Hugh Hefner: The Hoe House vs The Penthouse

Too Rich to be Touched

R Kelly seems to revel in the fact that he’s created a cult filled with women and men he can control. As long as he maintains this control, there’s no chance of him ever being prosecuted for sexual crimes, physical abuse or holding women and girls hostage.

Tupac Shakur, on the other hand, was murdered in cold blood on the Las Vegas Strip before his appeal was even heard in court. So, the only information we have are the public records from his rape trial and the word of Pac’s victim, Ayanna Jackson.

But with the way the internet works in 2019, many Black women, and OF COURSE Black men, don’t believe her… no more than they believe Andrea Kelly or any of the other ladies in Surviving R Kelly.

Women Coming Together Against Sexual Abuse

Until the WOMEN in this country learn to come together to create our own support systems, nothing will ever change for us. And until we learn to accept the words of a GIRL as bond until proven differently, the lives of our LITTLE BLACK GIRLS will continue to be destroyed by pedophiles.

No matter what position a woman puts herself in, she still has the right to say no. And no matter how much of a crush a GIRL has on a GROWN @$$ MAN, he is 100% wrong and a certified PEDOPHILE if he acts on it.

A GROWN MAN is held to higher standards than that of a CHILD (teen). It is HIS responsibility as the ADULT in the situation to do the right thing… NOT the CHILD’S.

Surviving R Kelly Documentary Sparks the #MuteRKelly movement
Surviving R Kelly Documentary Sparks the #MuteRKelly Movement

The Music Is NOT the Issue

Listen to their music. Don’t listen to it. Because to be truthful, I’m a Tupac fan, R Kelly… not so much. But it’s time for me to face my truths about these types of men and the lyrics I choose to bump to and allow to penetrate my mind and soul.

And, at the end of the day, it’s LITTLE BLACK GIRLS and BLACK WOMEN who are being hurt by our so-called conscious Black artists. Either we take care of each other, or we’ll continue to be smothered by the dark clouds caused by ARTISTIC sexual assault.

Black women, and ALL WOMEN, it’s time to wake up!

Check out the book collaboration I’m working on with another conscious Black woman. It’s about Tupac and how celebrities like him allow themselves to be taken in by Los Angeles gangs, Compton games specifically.

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  1. Great Read! We choose not to believe because we dont want to give up anything. Believing causes us to give up the gift of their music. As black women we have a hard fight. We too have been trained with our brothers to stay divided. As for me. I will stand with my sisters and he wont get my ear to continue to pad his pockets. #muterkelly

    1. Thanks so much for the comment. The debate about RK music will continue. Even those who listen to it can make differences in other areas of their lives. But it’s going to require that we, as WOMEN, stand together. I believe we can do it.

  2. Good read! It’s like the world is set on not hearing the voices of women.

    The difference between R. Kelly and Tupac is that R. Kelly is a serial predator .

    When it comes to Tupac’s case it seemed very much like him and Ayanna were cool up until the gang rape incident and it makes me question how much of this is something he truly wanted to do and used her as a part of gang activity Or if the incident is something he groomed her for as we know many men who rape normally do it someone they know. So many questions there but wrong is still wrong.

    The particular rap lyrics you quoted seemed much like consentual rough sex , I didn’t see them as chauvinistic however it’s not like Tupac didn’t have other songs demeaning women.

    I often wonder with his age (being in his early 20s) if he wouldn’t have went on to be a predator since rape culture is the norm or would he refer back to his own lyrics…”why do we rape our women do we hate our women? ”

    If we are honest so many of the people we call legends were flawed individuals or individuals with very flawed , fucked up actions towards others.

    More and more I am starting to understand how much of rape culture is a part of Black men’s upbringing that I will not completely throw away a man in his early 20s who shows some remorse and actively working to not rape again over a man in his 40s…but the question is how many times do we see this happen? Would love to speak openly with some young Black men about this so that we can make humanizing women a norm instead of raping them.

    Thanks for writing this.

    1. This is a great comment. I think you hit on some key points as it relates to men in their 20s and 40s doing the wrong sexual acts. 2pac probably faced a lot of peer pressure to show and prove in the early days. R Kelly knows better and is looked at as a sexual predator for real. Black woman will have to really sit down and take this situations and do some form of community healing to get stronger for the future. Great comment

    2. Thank you so much for your honesty. As a Tupac fan, it was hard for me to write this. But as a journalist, it’s my duty to write the stories that strike me. And that means doing the research and reporting the facts.

      I love the big difference you came up with: The difference between R. Kelly and Tupac is that R. Kelly is a serial predator.

      As fans, we want to hope it was a case of peer pressure. The thought of him grooming her just makes me want to cry. But because he’s no longer here to tell his side, all we can do is guess. I do believe SOMETHING BAD happened to his victim that night.

      I really wish he would have addressed it with 100% honesty before he died… as the man who wrote the songs we admired BEFORE Suge & Death Row. However, I also understand that he was fighting an appeal and simply couldn’t speak on it if he ever wanted to be found NOT GUILTY.

      And I also wonder what the future would have shown us. Being from Compton, Cali, I can assure you it’s about much more than just the “rape culture” of those times. It’s about the RAP CULTURE, GANGSTER CULTURE, COMPTON CULTURE, COMPTON GANG CULTURE and, unfortunately, the BULLY CULTURE (Suge) of the time.

      In the 90s, ALL of those cultures dictated that most men partake in beating women, LOTS AND LOTS of date rape, as well as some still not talked about pedophilia. The 90s were a mess for us locally.

      1. I definitely feel you! It would have been nice to hear his side and honestly not sure if I would have trusted his words.

        Just looking at movies of the 90s let us know that so much of how Black men are socialized really is disgusting. I can only imagine what it was like to grow up local to all that. I am from Columbia, SC and sure there are gangs, but most aren’t big time and the violence here isn’t comparable to Compton.

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