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The Black Community’s Gay Rights

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The issue of blacks and gay rights have been taboo for quite some time in the black community. The new tv show Empire, created by Lee Daniels, is pushing the envelope on the gay rights issue on prime time tv every Wednesday night on Fox. On the

hit show Empire Terrance Howard the father of a gay son is in an embroiled battle with his son about his sexuality. The black community has a love and hate relationship with the LGBT community. Many people in the black community including myself, has someone, or knows someone, who is gay inside their family, but may not be a lover of gay rights or homosexual behavior.

On the News One radio show On Wednesday, Roland Martin, host of “News One,” Cleo Manago, Kelly Carter, entertainment reporter for BuzzFeed  and “Auba Tommy” Bennett discussed how Fox’s new hit show addresses LGBT issues and some of the images that the show is promoting.

Cleo Manago told Martin on Wednesday that ” he does not think the show “gives enough context regarding what’s happening in the Black community” as it relates to homosexuality and gays. He added, African Americans are the last demographic in this country to talk about same-sex relationships in “direct ways.”

The tv show Empire is doing everything to bridge the gap between the black community and the LGBT community.


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