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Angela Stanton-King Politics and The Nature of The Man

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I just seen a video, where Tommy Sotomayor blasted Angela Stanton-king, for allegedly being a fraud and a adulterer. Tommy just recently had Angela Stanton-King on his show about her race for the 5th district of Atlanta, which makes all this look and sound crazy. Why would a radio host, and youtube personality diss his latest guest to his youtube audience?

In this podcast, we discuss Angela Stanton -King and the Nature of A Man’s growth. Every man has the right to evolve in his or her life. I think Tommy Sotomayor did himself and her a disservice by putting their business out to the public. This is similar to what August Alsina did with Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Angela Stanton-King has lead a hard life. Angela Stanton king and Tommy Sotomayor had a business relationship that has now turned ugly.

Why did people kiss and tell?

Listen to “Angela Stanton-King Politics and The Nature of The Man” on Spreaker.

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  1. Angie Griffin July 28, 2020

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