Is Obesity The New Sexy According to Cosmo?

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Is obesity sexy in 2021? Well, Cosmopolitan seems to think so, since featuring, eleven women on the cover of the magazine with different body types.  In an age were health is everything, is being obese, a matter of fact or fiction, when it comes to societal norms?

Cosmopolitan is pushing the envelope with this issue of obese women on the cover. Obese people don’t have a voice. So, I guess Cosmo, decided to give them one by putting them on the cover.

Overall People Aren’t Happy with This

Many in the health conscious community have a huge problem with what Cosmopolitan did. Society has no love for derelicts, that don’t fit mainstream media’s appearance of what healthy is. Is obesity the new sexy in 2021?

Today, more people than ever, are dying of strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure. The overall consumption of fast food, alcohol, Netflix, and good old eat whatever makes you happy is on the rise. Artist like Lizzo have embraced their obesity, but could that be a bad thing, for their health in the long run? The misbelief that being fat is the new sexy may be sending folks to an early grave.

Does Cosmopolitan have a responsibility to promote good health to its readers?


Outspoken political activist Candace Owens made some very strong comments about the women on the cover. She had this to say…

We must fight to protect the next generation of children who are being intentionally targeted and brainwashed with lies.
Women can be men?
Men can be women?
And now—obesity is “healthy”?

NO, it’s not. Clinical obesity is the main cause of the America’s #1 killer: heart disease. pic.twitter.com/PtwjL0M3zT

— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) January 4, 2021


Cosmopolitan May Be Sending Mixed Signals

Other people have also come out against the cover, as well. Cosmopolitan may be sending mixed signals to millions of  readers with this cover. People want to be accepted on all levels no matter what their deformity is. But people at large know that being fat and obese is not healthy. Is there a such thing as fat-phobia?

I’m sure it is, when you look at what our culture promotes as beautiful and ugly all in the same sentence. Many people who have lived the ugly truth about being overweight, will never get over this cover. Cosmopolitan may be just another magazine misleading people with this oxymoron of a story.

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