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Diddy Gives one Million Dollars to Howard

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                Diddy give one million dollars

Sean Combs aka Diddy gives back to his old HBCU Howard University. Diddy has decided to give one million dollars to Howard University business department. Diddy, attended the school in the late eighties but never graduated.  He went on to do great things in the music industry working under Andre Harrell, and later his own imprint, Bad Boy Records. Acquiring wealth and fame allowed Diddy the ability to give Howard one million dollars.

Howard is one of the top HBCUs in the country. Wealthy donors like Diddy have kept the school thriving in the late 2000s, when other historically black colleges are struggling. Diddy’s one million dollar gift will insure the business department will have the tools and resources to help each student be successful.

In a recent interview with Hip Hop Wired Diddy said “I was blessed to receive a great education, and it helped to fuel my success. I want to make it possible for the next generation to start off on the right foot.


We looked forward to hearing more about Diddy’s educational drive.


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