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Does Low Levels of Testosterone: Affect Black Men’s Role In The Family?

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I was reading an article that stated that testosterone levels affect black men’s role in the family. Does the level of testosterone help, or hinder, how a man thinks around his wife and kids? A man’s role is to be the head of the family. However, if he cannot function, it might be a big problem due to low levels of testosterone. Can lower levels of  testosterone make men avoid their responsibilities and duties as loving, caring fathers, and doting husbands in the family?

Black men’s disconnect or dysfunctional behavior inside the family may be from the brains lower levels of testosterone. Studies have been done, but I am sure more research is needed to bring this to the forefront of the medical community and the black community.

A lot of Black men all over America have been labeled absentee fathers and irresponsible husbands. Are low levels of testosterone in the brain a contributing factor?

Only time and proper health examinations will tell.


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