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The Hollywood Elite The Black Power Movement and The Same Ole Rhetoric

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Do you remember when Jesse Williams gave that stellar speech last years at the Bet Awards? Jesse Williams had the audacity to call black folks “sellouts” for putting money over their culture. Since his speech, racism and police brutality, have gained a lot of steam and media coverage over the past year.

The Black Power Movement and the state of black affairs are interesting, to say the least.While Hollywood’s Elite is getting caught up with sexual misconduct charges, black and brown people are still being shot down in the street. Police brutality hasn’t changed much. And American Politics have gotten worst since Trump took office. Colin Kaepernick’s bended knee effort was cute but got no cigar. He was blackballed by the NFL for doing so.

The Hype has Slowly Faded

The hype has slowly faded with the Black power Movement Black Lives matter or whatever you call it. While negroes are back to sitting on the sidelines and waiting for Jesus, racism is still alive and well!  Its a year later, and there has been more violence, protest, and black lives matter activism than most can recall. The table talk discussions about how to rebuild Black America has become mere dust.

Jesse Williams, Colin Kaepernick, Black Lives Matter, David Banner, and Boyce Watkins have been speaking on the ills of Black America. While Hollywood’s Elite have been getting ran through the mud for sexual misconduct.


Black Power movement flyer distributed
‘We Want Black Power.’ Student Nonviolent Committe 1967.

Hollywood is relatively quiet about most of the injustices going on in America. The so-called Black Power Movement is really dead! Your favorite celebrities are a little hush hush about brown people’s atrocities to the point of not offending the dominant culture.

Several movies hit the big screen to display the ills of racism in America. Movies like (Detroit, Get Out, and I Am Not Your Negro) have shaped a different perception of racial matters in America. The Black Power Movement got reignited by Jessie Williams and Colin Kaepernick.

Being a Blogger and Hip Hop artist I speak to the situation like this:

“Jesse caught us off guard with his powerful speech at the BET Awards. But, since then nothing has changed, Colin showed courage with putting his career on the line, but nothing has improved since his stance on police brutality either.” – Cool Water

How is it that Black Americans can continue to hear the pain of their forefathers, and their descendants don’t do anything significant to improve their situation? Hollywood continues to make millions of dollars off the oppression of brown people in America by the movies they put out.

The Power Elite and Illusion of Unity

Many of your favorite celebrities like Tavis Smiley, Kevin Spacey to Russell Simmons have been alleged to acting inappropriately towards women and young boys. When it comes to The Black Power Movement you don’t hear much from celebrities. Unity and Activism has not caught steam in Hollywood’s elite circle for some reason. Since Jesse Williams spit fire at the BET Awards the gap between activism and actionism has become an illusion.

The entertainment industry has a lot of dirt on their hands that needs washing. The industry never seems to mix entertainment, politics, or people’s injustices in the same bowl.

Has all the rhetoric and the what we need to do speeches finally faded away?

The Media Is Murdering Peoples Character Everyday

The Black Power Moment in America is really a watered down movement that lost its flare. After the civil rights movement of the 1960s, unity among black folks have waned.  Is their such a thing as a new frontier for the Black Power Moment? Is Hollywood and the entertainment industry plotting against the development, and growth of the New Black Power Movement? Or is it the same old rhetoric “One Day We Shall Over Come?”

For instance, the media has been on a character assassination trip since Bill Cosby. Hollywood actors and actresses don’t speak out much for fear of their water (paycheck) being cut off. News outlets don’t make much of an issue, about a guy like Tavis Smiley, who has spent the last thirty years building a media empire to one day get alleged of sexual misconduct.

Harvey Winstein, Kevin Spacey and other actors in the media for sexual misconduct
The Murdering of Hollywood Men

The same old rhetoric is being passed down from the Hollywood’s Elite, to black activist, and to the public. Sexual misconduct and social activism don’t fit in the same bowl. Jesse Williams and Colin Kaepernick’s efforts were excellent, but at the end of the day isn’t it just the same old rhetoric?

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