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Childish Gambino America

Childish Gambino’s This Is America and The Becky Contradiction

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Childish Gambino is bubbling on the minds of many with his new hit video entitled This Is America. Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover has awakened Americans with his bold imagery and violence in the new video. The video seems to show some of the injustices of Black Americans along with some of the ill behaviors of Black Americans as well, such as Black on Black violence, and the Church shooting in Charelston, South Carolina.

The video has really sparked a boatload of controversy. You have to watch Childish Gambino’s, This Is America, a few times to get the full message that he is delivering in the video.

What’s In A Name

What’s in a name like Childish Gambino. The name Childish Gambino has a  unique meaning. The word Childish means silly and immature. And the word Gambino originates from the five families of New York. The Italian crime family, the Gambinos, were a criminal outfit ran out of New York, and other indiewire.comparts of the United States commonly known as the Mafia. What’s in a name? Well, the name you call yourself is who you believe you are. So does Childish Gambino see himself as an immature silly ass mob boss? Many may never know, but the video displays some immature actions in my opinion like the buck dance and feminized gyrating.   

Mr. Donald Glover has sparked a lot of controversy with his hit This is America. But, is the name Childish Gambino meant to be taken seriously? Is he the Joker in the fifty two deck of cards? Your name is everything, it represents your legacy. Your material possessions will pass away, but your name will live on forever. The video hits home with some tough visual imagery from gun violence, police brutality, and racism just to name a few.  White folks, Black folks, and all other cultures are zeroing in on Childish Gambino’s artwork in his latest video. He has definitely sparked some strong conversation in This Is America. Will the name Childish Gambino be revered as a legacy in the world of hip hop culture? Only time will tell.

Is Dating Outside of Your Race A Contradiction

After the video went viral, and blew up with over fifty four million views, people begin to take notice of Childish Gambino’s personal life. He is married to, or dating, a white woman named Michelle, which most people in the black community seem to have an issue with. The term “Becky” is used to describe a white girl of a certain class. She is the Susie homemaker, with long pretty hair, the mother of two, and wifey material by most men’s standards.

The Becky Contradiction stems from the subject of black men pushing black social issues while laying up with white women. Michelle Glover, the wife of Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino is the newest sensation in the interracial relationship game.  Black folks look at this as a contradiction. Can a black man be about pro black issues, and really be about those issues when dating, and having children with White women?  Does it matter who you marry? Well, many argue yes it does, cause you can’t save Black America with a white girl attached to your hip.

Childish Gambino fits the mold by pushing black social issues, marrying, dating, and having children with white women and Asian women. Becky is the beneficiary of all that is good from Childish Gambino’s work and wealth. When he dies the money goes back to the white community. He also dated Asian Spanish singer-songwriter Jheene’ Aiko.

Child Gambino seems to be loyal to black social issues, but not loyal to the race of single black women, who can’t find a husband or a man to help raise those children she had out of wedlock. He comes from a two parent home, with black parents, you would think he may have a different view on dating outside of his race. But I could be wrong.

The Great American Sellouts

He like so many have claimed to be down with the team but preferred to date outside their race. For example, Sidney Portie, Terrance Howard, Bryant Gumble, Cuba Gooding Jr., Donald Faison, Evan Ross,

Jordan Peele and Chelsea comedyhype.com

Michael Jordan, Amari Hardwick, Taye Diggs, Seal, Richard, Richard Pryor, Quincy Jones, Lamar Odom, James Earl Jones etc., and the list goes on.

The movie “Get Out” was produced by Jordan Peele, who showed us the dark side of racism. Jordan Peele is married to a white woman. Is his efforts to solve black issues in films like “Get Out” less important, because he has a white woman on his elbow?

“Does it matter who you marry? Well, many argue yes it does, cause you can’t save Black America with a white girl attached to your hip.”-

Cool water 

Brothers Want The Vanilla Over The Chocolate

Jesse Williams, The Grey’s Anatomy star left his black wife to get with a white woman. He gave black folks the business at the Bet Awards a couple years back about selling out the culture and standing up for the rights of our people. I wrote a blog post entitled  “Is Jesse Williams the New Face of Black America”  and the internet went nuts over the post.

Winston Duke, The Black Panther actor, came under fire for his being married to a white woman

Winston Duke and Wife theybf.com

as well. Black entertainers in the entertainment industry have been dating white girls for years. The term”Be true to the Game” has been lost among the brothers who have abandoned black women for a more quieter female in the white women.

The community is only as good as its women, and if black men are opting out of marrying, and raising children with black women, then the community as a whole will be lost forever. The word in Hollywood is don’t mess with black women their trouble. Brothers have been selling out since the first time they found out, they could get the milk without the cow.

Are these brothers the rejects of the black community? Are these the brothers that black women didn’t want, and somehow they became famous in the process? 

The Psychology of Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover

Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover came from a two parent home, with loving black parents and black siblings. He seemed to be reared like any normal black child would be, growing up right outside of Atlanta in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Donald grew up in a mostly white community, and like any kid in that area, he made friends with whites, Asians, and other cultures. After high school, he attended New York’s University Tisch school for the arts and graduated in 2006 with a degree in dramatic writing.

It seems that Donald has been around white folks most of his life, and has a sense of loyalty to them.  Is he to blame for dating a white girl? Or do you put the blame on his parents, who were married, and didn’t teach him about black love?

In the so called post racial America, isn’t it okay to just marry who you love without the barriers of racism, classism, and sexism? Childish Gambino would probably respond by saying that “I’m just living my life.” And in that case, some people may respond by saying “well, Is there a need for a video like This Is America then?”

In Conclusion

Finally, in my opinion, the video is a weak attempt to debate race, at the same time, while it’s coming from a dude who is in love with the perks of white society. The video’s lack of clarity poses a problem with the message because it’s distorted. The director Hiro Muari, has Childish Gambino looking more like a Clown than a man with a message.

Is it okay to be in an interracial marriage, raise interracial children, have an interracial family and cry about black oppression? Should Childish Gambino be the one to give us the Red pill or the Blue Pill?

Is this a Post Racial America? And the video, This is America, be a nonverbal attempt to tease folks about racial issues currently going on in America?

Good luck with the game playing we just had another school shooting in Texas.

smh peace,

cool water



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  1. Personally. I really don’t care who he dates. And if the Black men in my families go that route, I’d clown them and make lil jokes. But in the end, I really wouldn’t care. I just can’t force myself to believe a Black man feels no oppression simply because his boo is not Black. The struggle is still real. Ijs

  2. So many ignorant points to correct. For the first part Gambino’s name does not come from wherever you thought it does. Comes from the Wu-Tang Clan name generator. If you put in your name it spits out a random rap name. At the time he was more comedian with a side gig of rapping so he used the name not really thinking of hitting it big. Afterwards he stuck with it. Also Jhene and Donald did not date. She was married until she started dating big Sean. Lastly Donald is NOT married. There’s no Michelle Glover. She is his partner is raising their kids together as well as she’s not white. She’s of Asian descent.